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Energy Management System

Energy management software help organization account , analyze & save energy and reduce costs. Its ideal for facility managers or energy managers that want quick results from their energy management efforts. Minnotra system helps you get straight to the activities that bring the biggest, easiest saving.

It works with detailed records of energy consumption that you can probably obtain from your energy metering system and it brings a phenomenal insight into patterns of energy usage/wastage.

Using Minnotra system you can study your patterns of energy usage to identify waste and set targets for improvement to meet below condition.

  • Improve Standard
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce cost

How Best to Manage your Energy Consumption

  • Metering your energy consumption and collecting the data
  • Finding and quantifying opportunity in save energy
  • Targeting the opportunity to save energy
  • Tracking your progress at saving energy

Devices Connectivity


DG Monitoring


Benefits of Energy Management


Minnotra Energy Software Features & Benefits:

  • Real time Monitoring for all parameters and Trends
  • Monitoring Power and to Determine the Usage and Demand Profiles.
  • Improves the Energy accounting, no human error in the data collection
  • By using we can get communication status and online data of all the devices at one place which reduces the manpower cost and utilization of the time.
  • Enables to analyze the power quality.
  • Increase productivity and competitiveness
  • Analysis of maximum usage time and minimum usage time and distribute the usage.
  • This can be used for calculating the specific energy consumption (SEC) i.e. per unit consumption.
  • Compares the incomer energy units with EB’s meter units and also distribution system.
  • Improve your Standard, Comfort and Productivity
  • Finaly save energy and money